Marek Bardoński

Welcome to my website! I'm the owner of the AI Revolution company, which reduces average human worktime from 40h to 20h. I've been managing Machine Learning projects for NASA, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Kroll across the past 7 years. On this website, I share my experience and philanthropy initiatives. Read More…



"AI is here to help lawyers and researchers by taking over the mundane and tedious tasks, leaving more time for business-critical procedures" - Marek Bardoński

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Financial Times

"With driving, the observations [analyzing the images of the road] are difficult, but the problem is easy. With financial markets, the observations [price and volume histories] are easy, but the problem is difficult " - Marek Bardoński

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"Neural network could be trained on traffic patterns significantly faster than the typical computer simulations currently used to model traffic. Looking ahead, these neural networks can be used to predict traffic patterns and then communicate to street lights to head off potential congestion before it even starts."

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