Marek Bardoński

Born: 02.25.1992
Nationality: Polish
Impossible is nothing

  • 2012 - 2016 Computer Science at University of Warsaw [ multiple grades 5 and 5!]
  • 2012 - 2013 Mathematics at University of Warsaw
  • Final Exam scores :: Primary School –> 95% Secondary School -> 97% High School (Informatics) -> 100%
  • Bachelor Thesis :: C language compiler and executor in Javascript with visualisation
Commercial Experience
  • 07.2015 - 10.2015: MICROSOFT HQ, Redmond, USA - Software Intern
  • 10.2014 - 12.2014: MICROSOFT HQ, Redmond, USA - Software Intern
  • 07.2014 - 10.2014: NVIDIA HQ, Santa Clara, USA, GRID Performance Team - System Software Intern

    Security of virtual GPU driver

  • 07.2013 - 10.2013: NVIDIA HQ, Santa Clara, USA, GRID Performance Team - Software Intern

    Kernel and user mode drivers, kernel debugging, performance measurement tools

  • 09.2012 - 11.2012: NASA, International Space Station – Technical Project Manager

    I was invited to work after winning 2nd place in a related, international competition.
    NASA & Harvard & TopCoder joint project named Longeron Shadowing, intended to develop an algorithm for the International Space Station to calculate rotation depending on the sun position.
    Goals is to increase the power produced by solar panels, which ensure the safety of components sensitive to overheating.
    I was working at Copilot position, who invented a general conception of infrastructure to test possible solutions of problem, and oversee the development process, taking active part in it.
    Main technologies: EMR (Amazon Hadoop), Python, C++, Java, SimpleDB, Sockets, Scene Description Language, Ray-tracing

  • 07.2012 - 09.2012: Tutor at three Olympic Camps for teenagers preparing to National Olympiad in Informatics
  • 04.2012 – 07.2012: TopCoder Marathon Math Engine - Software Virtualization Engineer

    I was working on adaptation TC MM solution testing infrastructure to run on the cloud of virtual machines and on adding additional features.
    Main technologies: Java Enterprise Edition, Maven

  • 06.2011 – 04.2012: TopCoder Freelancer - Multiple projects
Positive references
Letter of Recommendation

Jason Crusan, Director, Advanced Exploration Systems at NASA
Mike Lydon, Chief Technology Officer Topcoder, Inc.
Karim Lakhani, Principal Investigator Harvard-NASA Tournament Lab
Kevin Boudreau, Chief Economist Harvard-NASA Tournament Lab

Research Achievements
  • 06.2012 NASA & Harvard Robots Algorithm Challenge - 2nd place

    Score: 2nd place in room
    Topic: Develop code for robotics mobility in space

  • 06.2011 NASA & Harvard Crater Recognition contest - 12th place out of 1174 participants

    Score: 12th place out of 1174 registered
    Topic: Algorithmic detection of impact craters in lunar orbital images

  • Stanford University Machine Learning course - final grade 97.3%
  • Stanford University Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 - final grade 96.5%
  • C and C++ - 4 years
  • Python, Django - 2 years
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery, Java [Spring, JBoss], Algorithms, Microcontrollers, Tutoring - 1+ year

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E-mail: bdfhjk   [at]
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Private lessons

I'm preparing to programming competitions and technical interviews. More here:: Get Into Tech

Programista z ponad rocznym doświadczeniem międzynarodowym m. in. pracy dla NASA, Microsoft, NVIDIA oraz pięcioletnim doświadczeniem w przygotowywaniu do Olimpiady Informatycznej
Wielokrotny instruktor i wychowawca na kołach i obozach przygotowujących do Olimpiady Informatycznej i Olimpiady Informatycznej Gimnazjalistów
Posiadający referencje podpisane m. in. przez profesorów Harvardu i dyrektora w NASA, ukończone kursy organizowane przez Uniwersytet Stanford oraz państwowe uprawnienia wychowawcy.


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